How to Stop Ads on YouTube App for Android

One thing that has become a very common problem when navigating the Internet these days is Ads. There is no disputing the fact that these tools are important for a lot of people to even survive and generate revenue, the fact is that only a few people (if any) can smile if they’re busy on their phone and an Ad pops up.

While these Ads are just mild inconveniences most times, they become outright sources of annoyances when you’re carrying out certain activities like watching YouTube. What’s more, the more popular a website is, the higher the chances of being bombarded with Ads.

And, as we all know; only a few websites generate more traffic than YouTube does at the moment.

Consequently, the number of Ads that you can experience when using this site can be downright atrocious sometimes. However, if you use an android device, there are a few tools that you can leverage to help you actively combat and even eliminate this problem.

Some programs you can install on your device to help minimize the number of ads you see on YouTube include:

AdBlock App

This is arguably one of the most popular tools you can use to deal with Ads at the moment. This is thanks in large part to the ease with which the tool integrates with browsers like Google Chrome. With this app on your phone, it becomes easier for you to move through YouTube without being impeded by irrelevant Ads.

YouTube Vanced App

Another tool that you can use to control your Ads problem on your android device is YouTube Vanced. As a premium product, you get your full money’s worth when you use this tool. It is powerful and offers you cool features like downloading as well!

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