How to Upgrade Covenant Gear in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Your Covenant gear is ranked as one of the most important items you need for a successful run when it comes to World of Warcraft Shadowlands. By the time you are able to leverage this powerful tool, things have gotten to a head and you need to be at the very top of your game.

Before you can even start to concern yourself with getting and upgrading your Covenant gear, you, you have to first join a Covenant. As you likely know, this is only possible if you are at the appropriate level. This is, of course, Level 60 (now the maximum level.)

There are different Covenants you can join. What’s more, the type of Covenant that you join has a different bearing on the type of gear you get and even how you will upgrade these tools later on. Each week, you will be given the opportunity to complete a questline.

If you are able to manage this, you will be rewarded with a random piece of transmog armor set that fits your Covenant. Keep in mind that at the beginning, the power level of these gears isn’t very great.

However, as you keep up this practice, the stats for each of these rewards will improve.

From there, you can get better use out of them. The process of upgrading your gear, as has been mentioned before will be determined by the nature of its gear. As such, when it is time to upgrade, you would have to look for the Non-Player Character or NPC who performs this task in different ways. The one consistent thing though is that you will likely always find them in the close proximity of the vendor you purchase replacement items from.

Once located, you can easily upgrade your gear!

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