5 Ways To Authentically Network On Instagram

Instagram is, without a doubt, the most famous media sharing platform on the internet. It lets people from all across the globe connect, share their pictures and videos and become a part of the larger community. It has, over the last few years, helped a lot of small businesses in finding recognition and turning into big giants. If you are new on Instagram and have no idea how to authentically network on it, here are 5 ways to do so:

1. Be a part of the Instagram pods

Instagram pods are basically group chats in which the members keep discussing similar views and ideas. Becoming a part of them will help in making connections with all the people who are also a part of these pods. According to this, the Instagram algorithm will give you relevant people to follow on the feed.

2. Ramp up your hashtags

The more hashtags you use for each post of yours, the more will you be able to enhance your visibility. Adding at least thirty hashtags for each of your posts will aid you in being more visible to others.

3. Discover through ‘explore’

The explore option on Instagram lets you see people and accounts of similar interests and fields. Once you start using the explore option more, the Instagram algorithm will automatically show you accounts of your interest and aid in your networking on Instagram authentically.

4. Direct messaging

DMs are not always meant to be creepy. You can slide into the DMs of a business account through the stories posted and ask whatever question you have. This will help you authentically networking On Instagram.

5. Tag your friends

The more you tag your friends on Instagram, the more will you be able to gain followers and make connections in an organic manner.

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