5 Reasons to Delete Your Instagram Account Today

The users of social media are increasing day by day. People post every second of their life on social media from morning tonight. The excessive use of social media creates anxiety among people. Instagram is also an application which is mostly used by the young generation. Instagram is well recommended for businesses but there are some reasons to delete your Instagram account.

1. Time wasting

When you start scrolling an Instagram account you will pass like air without any reason. We waste a lot of time just scrolling people’s accounts who we don’t know. Instagram is a world of photographs and we usually lose in that world for no reason.

2. We start living in the world of imagination

Instagram creates a mesmerizing world of photographs in our surroundings, so that’s why we start living in a world of imagination when we start this type of approaching our dealings with the real-life become end.

3. Privacy Is Not Safe

As we know very well that we can scroll anybody’s account on Instagram and watch his photographs and this is the biggest drawback of the social media networks including Instagram. We don’t like it when a stranger knocks at our door but on Instagram, anyone can watch our photographs without our permission.

4. Our routine moves around likes and shares

As we have discussed earlier that the excessive use of Instagram causes damage to mental health. Our routine moves around likes and shares of our post. Instagram has compelled us to depression because when we get fewer likes on our photographs we become depressed.

5. Data Goes Down the Drain

Quality comes at a price the same thing implies on Instagram its usage has a price. Instagram consumes a lot of data and we need fast broadband for this. Excess scrolling of Instagram means a high internet bill.

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