Reasons Why Social Networking Is Bad

Social media is an expert way to communicate with old friends in an effective way that’s why social media is the best channel for the reunion. Social media has many positive points and it is one of them. We can find our relatives and old friends on social media platforms easily.

Privacy and Safety Concerns

We are well aware of the drawbacks of social networks. Social networks have many benefits but its use depends upon us in the end; it may be good or bad. If we use it in a bad way so we might face some serious consequences.

Online Sex Crimes

A report was published in 2022 who stated that more than 25% of the sexual crimes with minors are started from social sites. Most victims said that they first met the culprit on social media then it happened.


Mostly suicidal cases have been done because of social media bullying. Even celebrities are facing this problem. This thing happens because everybody has easy access to their keyboard.


Just like bullying, trolling has also become a very common problem of social networking sites. Everybody writes what he thinks is right and then starts calling it freedom of speech. When a lot of people start criticizing someone on social media is called trolling.


As most of the social sites except few sites give easy access to the user accounts that’s why any type of people can easily access your personal space and this thing is not good.

Productivity Killer

Because of social sites the physical activity of the businesses has ended which has decreased the healthy lifestyle. LinkedIn and other business social sites have increased spam.

Social Isolation

The person, who loves to use social media, spends all of his free time on it which leads to the condition of self-isolation. A feeling of loneliness has started developing among people.

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