How to Make a Fake Facebook Account

As far as social media platforms go, very few even come anywhere close to touching the titan that is Facebook. In the past decade alone, this social media platform has seen its number of users and subscribers skyrocket exponentially.

There are a lot of good reasons for this. Here is a couple you might find that you want to here. Broadly speaking, internet users fall on one of two sides of a very broad spectrum. You are either going online for business or for pleasure. The number of individuals who do both are actually fewer than you think.

Now, imagine for a moment that there was a platform that effectively catered to the needs of people looking to improve their business and people looking to have a great time! How far can such an enterprise go?

In today’s world, there is no marketer who isn’t on Facebook, looking for clients and trying to digitally push their products. Why? Because this is where you can easily find target audiences of various niches easily and with little effort. The process of advertising and networking has become so smooth and seamless on the platform that you don’t need you can do it with only a few clicks of the button.

Here, we will be taking a little look at the fun and entertainment part of things. In the world of today, who doesn’t like to take selfies or post cool clips of themselves doing amazing things or just showing of their food? Facebook is a platform that lets all and sundry have a great time and connect across massive distances with relative ease.

Considering these cool, fun and rather profitable aspect of this social media platform, you might be compelled to wonder why anyone would even want to delete their normal account and open a fake Facebook account. Well, it might surprise you to know that there are some surprisingly sound (and not illegal) reasons why an internet user might resort to deleting their regular account and constituting a fake profile on this popular platform. Here are a few.

1. To Redefine Themselves

At some point in the future, you might (rightfully) determine that you aren’t comfortable with how much information that Facebook has gathered and stored about you so far. Of course, you could contemplate and then go on to initiate the conventional method of getting rid of that data by deleting your current account and then reopening a completely new one further down the line.

But if you are conversant with how Facebook operates, you would know that going through this channel might not prove worth the effort as Facebook will most likely be able to immediately determine and ascertain your real identity within moments.

This means you have to get creative about how you go about this. However, you should know that even with this approach, there are some identifiers you cannot hide, should as where you are using the platform from. However, you would be able to effectively distance yourself from your real mobile phone number, contacts, relationships and so on by having a fake Facebook account.

2. You’re Becoming a Digital Minimalist


If you have come to realization that f Facebook can be a significant drain on your time, especially if you can’t control how you use the platform, you might want to resort to deleting your standard account and getting a fake Facebook account.

You see, with a brand new account, you know you won’t have to see the old things that Facebook has been able to accurately deduce that you like and that consequently distract you.

3. So You Can Still Utilize Facebook Resources and Hardware

If you are familiar with the Oculus tool, then you are most likely aware of the Facebook regulations and use that follow its use.

For those who aren’t aware, for you to be able to use the Oculus hardware, you have to sign in with a valid Facebook account. Unfair, right? But those are the rules. So if you don’t have a Facebook account, or you have deleted yours for whatever reason, you won’t be able to use this tool at all.

As you would expect, this would necessitate that you get yourself a fake account.

Now, if you think that getting multiple accounts on Facebook is easy, then you most likely aren’t aware of recent developments. As an example, having more than one account on the social medial platform is now firmly regarded as a direct violation of their terms of service.

The consequence?

You would be most likely to lose access to all the accounts!


How do You Create a Fake Account on Facebook?

As we already established, getting that other Facebook account isn’t going to be a simple walk in the park. You have to conduct the entire process as discreetly as possible. So, to start with, you would need to perform the entire operation on a browser in incognito mode.

Due to the fact that you still have to fill out the standard profile creation questions, it is also important that you have an alternate email address other than the one you usually use handy. You should also supply a different date of birth and full name that you used on your original profession. Do anything and everything differently to distance yourself from your first Facebook account. To further smooth your registration process you can provide a virtual number to receive any verification information on. And that’s it! You’re all set to go!

All you have to do now is wrap up. It bears mentioning that the algorithm that Facebook uses to detect actions like this is quite sophisticated. To ensure that you don’t get blocked and suspended after all your add work, try not to perform the above described exercise on a device you have used to access Facebook in the past.

Also, when using the social media platform in the future, make sure that you access the site through a quality VPN server.

Again, it is important to mention that the verification process is vital here, so be sure you have a virtual number handy!


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