How to play PC games on a cheap laptop

Cheap laptops are not designed for heavy binge gaming. Most are suited for data entry, blogging, and other lightweight tasks. However, this should not deter you from enjoying your favorite games. Here are practical ways you can play PC games on your cheap laptop.

  1. Upgrade the RAM

Unfortunately, there are games that your cheap laptop will never run due to RAM limitation regardless of how you optimize it. Some games are extremely demanding and might cause your laptop to slow down.

First, check the minimum game requirements on the game’s website, Epic Game Store, or Steam. If your laptop can’t handle it, just do away with it.

Ensure your laptop has a RAM of more than 8GB if you want to run recent games.

  1. Invest in a gaming mouse

While you might use the touchpad, it will significantly bog down your speed and performance. Particularly when playing strategy games. Such games require you to move swiftly from side to side. The laptop touchpad is not designed for this. You can find quality gaming mice on Amazon and other sites.

  1. Ensure it’s plugged in

Well, as you’d expect, heavy games are power-demanding. They’ll run your battery low within a few hours of play. This means you need to have your laptop plugged in so that it doesn’t shut down in the middle of the game.

  1. Close other running programs

Background processes take much of your laptop’s processing power, and this can greatly affect gameplay. For optimal performance, close those programs lurking in the background.

  1. Make the game compatible

After you’ve followed through with the above tips, it’s time to tweak the game to meet your cheap laptop’s specifications. Now, head over to the game options and switch off preferences that might be memory demanding.

These can be animations, shadows, effects, and more.

Wrap up!

If you have a cheap laptop and you want to play engaging games, follow the above guidelines. Focus mostly on the RAM since this is the defining factor. If possible, upgrade it to a higher figure, say 8GB.

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