Tips & Tricks for Noobs in Lineage 2

If you’ve just started playing Lineage 2 Revolution, then no one needs to tell you that you’ve just landed a real treat. Whether you’re playing it on your personal computer, or an android or iOS device, you’re guaranteed boundless fun and excitement.

The world of Lineage 2 Revolution is an amazing one to wander around in and explore.

There is literally no end to the list of engaging activities you can participate in solo are engage in with a team of new friends and comrades.

Having put that out that, you would have also noticed that this game comes with more than its fair share of rather tough challenges. From time to timer, even veterans can have a hard go of playing this awesome game. That is just one of many things that contribute to the overall charm and appeal of the game; you never know what to expect.

However, there are a few things you could do to give you a real edge and add some style and technique to your gameplay.

By employing the tactics listed below, your gameplay is certain to improve significantly within a short period of time.

Here goes!

Always Contribute to Your Clan

One lovely thing about Lineage 2 Revolution is that it actually teaches you the value of team work. To that end, you can grow quite a bit when you contribute to the clan you align yourself with. No matter what it is, no matter how small the exercise, when you donate to your clan, you get a reward. These you can put to any number of very good uses.

Look For the Blue Diamond

In L2R, you can’t trade or sell anything that is signified to be a Soul Bound or permanently registered to your character. The only things up for sale are items with a blue diamond. Make sure to find those and trade them to get a good profit.

Go Monster-Core Hunting

As you know, there is a massive array of monsters in this world. Use your monster tab to locate a monster you can easily defeat (relatively speaking) on your minimap, collect their codex and boost your player stats.

Smooth gameplay is what brings out the true beauty of L2R, so make sure you’re one of the best l2 servers.

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