2 Reasons Why Android Is So Much More Popular Than iPhone

Whether most people are very conversant and familiar with the terrain of the smartphone industry, there is definitely one thing that many people are arguably intimately aware of, and that is the fact if you want to get a smartphone, you’re either getting an android based smartphone or an iOS based smartphone.

However, for those who know their smartphones quite well and intimately, you would definitely have observed that on the whole, there are far more android users and phones out there than there are iPhone uses and phones.

What might be the cause of this significantly wide disparity in price? Well, there are quite a few factors responsible for this. Let’s give two of these factors some careful and extensive consideration.

The Choice of Many Makers of Smartphones

Due to the creation and the subsequent execution of the much acclaimed Open Handset Alliance which was also known as the OHA, many smartphone makers found it easier and much more efficient to make their smartphones android based, as it significantly improved the overall efficiency of their device.

As you would imagine, with so many smartphone makers on just on operating system, the number of variety afforded to smartphone users was massive. It was almost always easier to find anything you wanted on androids, and so, many people flocked, and still flock to this option.

The Flexibility of Price Range

Another thing many smartphone users are aware of is that there is a remarkably distinctive disparity in the prices between iPhones and android devices.

This is largely due to the fact that as there is able space to tweak and make improvisations on android based smartphones, the makers of the devices can afford to put out devices that are pock friendly in virtually any country in the entire world.

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