9 Effects of Modern Gadgets on Children Development

We are in a different day and age today. That simple fact is evidenced more clearly now more than ever before in the distinct visibility of technology we once thought was reserved for the future in everyday life now.

In general, many adults are struggling, or are struggling with this change but somehow, manage to hold up and handle the overall changes with a commendable stoic attitude. However, how are kids responding to the sudden and excessive overflow of presence and consequent exposure to modern day technology and gadgets all around their waking and even sleeping moments?

Several scientific organizations and researchers have given this much thought and so many studies have been conducted on the issue in general. Below are some shocking impacts of modern day gadgets on the lives, growth, development and health of toddlers in today’s world.

The brain of a child is an organ that takes years to properly grow. In fact, this particular organ continues to grow, even long into adulthood. Now, upon constant exposure to modern gadgets, several reports have corroborated the fact the brain’s growth becomes severely impaired.

What’s worse, this exposure also results in several health and developmental complications for the child. Some of which include but aren’t restricted to,

  • Incidents of impaired learning and assimilation,
  • Increased susceptibility to acting on impulse,
  • Cases of repeated cognitive delays,
  • Increased risk of exposure to the low levels of radiation from the screen of many modern gadgets,
  • Cases of addition to the gadgets,
  • Inability to sleep as a result of constantly playing with the gadgets,
  • A distinctive inability to properly interact with parents and siblings alike
  • Inability to properly self-regulate, and
  • Various types of attention deficit disorders, to name just a few.

The best way to avoid this is to make sure that these gadgets do not take the place of simpler tools like the color book and balls.

It’s not that the use of these gadgets should be forbidden, it is that you should take care as a parent and properly control and regulate the exposure of your child to it.

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