Android Apps You Must Install to Get News Updates

Do you prefer reading news and getting updates with the latest trending mania via your smartphone? You’re not alone. Many of us are.

Using mobile apps to hear the latest buzz or read a juicy piece of editorial seems to be the new trend in getting up-to-date. It’s simply more convenient that way. You can do it whenever or wherever you want as long as there is Wi-Fi connection. Unlike getting the newspaper where you have to go out of your way to buy one. Or watching the TV where you need to tune in on certain times.
If you prefer to read the current news with just a few taps on your smartphone, here are the top Android apps that you must install now.

AP News

AP News is the accredited news app of the leading news agency, Associated Press. Besides its freelance reporters, the app receives news in and out of the country from numerous sources.


Flipboard is also a well-known news app that is very popular with young adults because of its enjoyable interface and animation. In addition to the normal news from different categories, the news app provides interesting facts and findings.

Google Feed

Previously called Google Now, Google Feed is yet another excellent app for you to get the latest news every day. This app employs the powerful Google algorithm to deliver you the relevant news you would like to read. Simply select the categories you are most interested in. The app will then collect the news update on those topics. It also collects information from what you often look for in Google Search and collects news related to those subjects. You can also combine Google Feed with the Google Assistant. Which if you do will get you up-to-date news by simply stating, “Okay Google, what are the recent news?” Cool, right?

Social Media Apps

Of course, there’s no better way to know the latest news than your usual social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Almost all news channel in the world has their own social media pages where they share all the latest news that they have collected as soon as it happens.

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